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    What are some of strange Japanese words ?

    CG reproduction of Syd Mead Illustrations.
    I have done to create CG of ‘ANACO MART’ and ‘JVC shop’ .

    ‘ANACO MART’ and ‘JVC Shop’

    Syd Mead have not drawn ‘ANACO MART’ and ‘JVC Shop’ in his illustrations.(He have drawn prototype of ANACO MART)
    In the movie,which are located on the other side of ‘Animoid Row’

    ① is ‘ANACO MART’、② and ③ are ‘Animoid Row’

    I have mapped temporary words on sign bords of ANACO MART. because I have not be able to track down those words except only one word in the movie.

    It is strange Japanese word in Blade Runner. I should try to deciphered the word.

    At first, I thought it is “橋つ八 “(Bridges of eight).
    “八つ橋” (Eight bridges, it is known one of the most famous Japanese traditional sweets in Kyoto) turns into “橋つ八 “, if you would write it upside down.
    Next, I realized it is “香水” (Perfume) not “橋つ八” .

    I was wondering if it would be right. If you have any information, please let me know by email.

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