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    The making of NoodleBar scene.

    Graphs for CG camera motion(Blender 2.79b)

    Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5 including perfect CG reproduction of Los Angeles cityscape drawn by Syd Mead is going to coming out November 2019.

    Currently, I continue editing the noodle bar scene at the biginning of the movie. and I am struggling to set the motion of the CG camera to improve the switching accurancy from the new CG scene to the original noodle bar scene.
    Smooth switching from the new CG scene to the original scene depends on this motion camera setting. OK, I will do it.

    By the way, besides smoke and some steel frames, there are nothing behinde the building “ANACOMART” on the set for the movie.
    On White Dragon Cut, I replaced the ANACOMART with the CG version ANACOMART, and set the prototype ANACOMART designed by Syd Mead behind the ANACOMART.

    (上)Final Cut(下)White Dragon Cut(You can see the prototype ANACOMART behind the ANACOMART)

    By the way, this scene consist of a maximum of 24 layers.

    1. Prototype ANACOMART on the road
    2. ANACOMART and a sidewalk
    3. JVC Store
    4. Noodlebar called WHITEDRAGON
    5. WHITERAGON neon sign
    6. vehicles
    7. Smoke and rain

    The reason why I divided the layers was because I wanted to switch the timing separately for each layer part, instead of switching from the CG image to the main image at once. it’s working out so far.

    Next time, I will come out “Test Edit Ver.3 of Noodlebar scene”.

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