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    The “Golf Goods” neon sign in Ridleyville

    For Japanese Blade Runner fans, the `ゴルフ用品 (Golf Goods)` neon sign on the filme “Blade Runner” is one of the most famous neon sign as strange Japanese neon sign. Now I am making that neon sign on CG.

    You can see the “ゴルフ用品” neon sign throug the window at the Leon’s hotel room.

    By the way, as I mentioned above, that neon sign makes Japanese BR fans smile unintentionally.

    The sonant mark of “゛” on the right side of “ゴ” is moving to the left side of “ル”. and the right half of “用” is missing.

    Also, another important mistake is that the P‐sound consonant mark of “゜” is attached on the left side of “コ”. I would say that the original word on a article or ad whitch reffered had one of the word ending with “パ”, “ピ”, “プ”, “ぺ” or “ポ” before “ゴルフ用品”. the words of “パ”, “ピ”, “プ”, “ぺ” and “ポ” are the only words witch has a P‐sound consonant mark in Japanese. As I looked for golf brands whitch have a P‐sound consonant mark on the end of Japanese word in such a viewpoint, I figure out the golf brand “ダンロップ (Dunlop)”. so the original word whitch reffered would be “ダンロップ ゴルフ用品 (Dunlop golf products)”.

    This is the right way.

    However, the film version looks like this.

    It would not be far from the truth.

    In “Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5”, I was planning to replace all “Golf Goods” neon signs with correct Japanese, however most of Japanese Blade Runner Fans would think that the weird Japanese word might be the most important part of Blade Runner. now, I am wondering if I should correct it.

    First of all, I made the neon sign as the film version.

    YouTube video recording the production process is here.

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