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“Perfume”, “Women’s clothing”, “Boutique”, “Salon”

CG reproduction of Syd Mead Illustrations.
Some of the mysterious Japanese mentioned in the previous article have been solved.

At first, I should talk about the signboard which was guessing that it was written as “香水 (perfume)”.


If you look closely that photo, you can see the logo of the perfume brand “JOVAN” on the right side of the pole, behind the pillar. OK, It is definitely “香水 (perfume)”.

Well, another mystery is the letters written on the other three signbords. Although there were no images that could be checked in the movie, I found images in the making video.

First of all, you can figure out “「女の衣類」Women’s clothing”. Then it continues with “A” and “ゴ”.

I was wondering if “A” would be a kind of logo mark or a picture of Mount Fuji.

I think “ゴ” is “ゴルフ (Golf)”. Because “ゴルフ” signs appear in many places in Ridleyville.
However, I decided to make it a “ブティック (boutique)” at WDC. “ゴ” is similar to “ブ” depending on writing style. It is also a time when boutiques were buzzing in the 80s with the DC brand boom in Japan.

I was not able to find images of the third sign to check the word. so I decided to make it “サロン (Salon)”, because Syd Mead have drawn the word “Salon” on his Ridleyville sketch.

Finally, I made signbords as “香水 (Perfume)”, “女の衣類 (Women’s clothing)”, “ブティック (Boutique)” and “サロン (Salon)”.

<ANACO MART and JVC Building> Signbords displayed in the show window of JVC Building are “水鳥 (waterfowl)” and “源 (source)”


The right front is a bookstore and a game shop (where there is a blue light is chew’s eye factory in the movie), the right back is an animoid row, the left front is the building where Deckard and Gaff landed, and the left back is JVC shop and ANACO MART.

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