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    Scene 6 “Purge” : The End of Luminescent Objects drawn by Syd Mead

    Two luminous objects drawn by Syd Mead

    You can see two iconic luminous objects on the wall of the bookstore in Syd Mead’s production sketch for Ridleyville.

    The two iconic object, the luminous cylinder and the sphere, in Syd Mead’s production sketch.
    You can also see the blue object that is the entrance to the Chew’s Eye Factory.

    It’s shame that these two objects were not recreated for the film, and were replaced by a “TOSHIBA” sign.

    You can see the “TOSHIBA” sign in stead of the cyd’s objects in the film.

    However, there is something in the film version of Ridleyville that makes me think that be created based on the luminous objects by Syd Mead.

    Did the luminous cylinder finally turn out a giant duct!?

    The first one is a giant duct.
    You can see the huge duct attached to the wall of the bookstore in the movie version of Ridleyville.

    You can see the huge duct in the center of the photo.

    In the photo, there is the huge duct on the right wall of the building, but the same duct exists in the same position on the left wall.
    This duct may be an upside-down version of the luminous cylinder by Syd Mead.
    The location of the duct is the same as in Syd Mead’s illustration, on the side of the third pillar from the front.

    In Syd Mead’s illustration, the luminous cylinder is also depicted on the side of the third pillar from the front.

    What was originally Syd Mead’s luminous cylinder may have been turned upside down due to strength problems, and then turned into the duct due to technical problems. I think this speculation is not too far off the mark.

    Is the luminescent sphere the source of the symbol of the Chew’s Eye Factory?

    Next, let’s talk about the symbol of Chew’s Eye Factory.
    At the entrance of Chew’s Eye Factory, there is a symbol that looks like an eyeball.

    The symbol at the entrance of the eye factory

    It may be a bit of a stretch to assume that the symbol of the Eye Factory was made based on the luminous sphere by Syd Mead.
    However, considering that Syd Mead’s luminous sphere is depicted right next to Chew’s Eye Factory, I can assume that Mead drew this luminous sphere as the symbol of the eye factory.
    In this case, it may not be surprising that the luminous sphere is the source symbol of the eye factory.

    Perfect reproduction of the luminescent cylinder and sphere in White Dragon Cut 5

    Now, You can see the iconic luminous objects base on Syd Mead’s production sketch in “Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5”.

    I mixed elements of the movie version of Ridleyville by doodling and sticking stickers on the bottom half of the luminous sphere.

    The making video uploaded.

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