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    What is the name of the series of V.K. test that Rachael took? : Scene 17 “Rachael”

    I am going to talk about scene 17, “Rachel”.

    In this scene, Deckard visits the Tyrell Corporation and meets Rachael.
    At Dr. Tyrell’s suggestion, Deckard performs the
    Voight-Kampff test on Rachael.
    When Deckard figure out that Rachel is a replicant as a result of the test, Dr. Tyrell gives his opinion on “memory,” one of the key word of the film, and the scene ends.

    Deckard’s line that you can hear only in “workprint”

    Now, in this scene, there is Deckard’s line that can only be heard in “Work Print”.
    After Rachel asks Deckard “May I ask you a personal question?”, Deckard replies to Rachel “Sure.
    After this, you can hear Deckard say “What is it?” in the “Work Print”.

    You can hear Deckard’s line “What is it?” only in “Workprint”.

    This line has been rejected in all versions after this version.

    Name of the series of Voight-Kampff test that Rachael took

    Also included among the unused scenes in this scene is a voice-over by Deckard.
    In this voice-over, Deckard mentions the name of the series of Voight-Kampff tests that he himself performed on Rachel.

    “It was always a thrill running a Voight-Kampff on a known human being. All you get is zero-zero-zero.
    Just to humor the big shot, I ran 62 questions in the Omega series, 28 in the Colman series.
    And I was coming to the end of the coming-cross-reference when I got a cold chill down my spine.”

    In the unused voice-over, Deckard mentions the name of the series of VK tests he gave Rachel.

    Deckard says, “62 questions in the Omega series, 28 in the Coleman series.
    This line suggests that there are several series of questions in the V.K. test, and that the blade runner uses different ones depending on the person being tested and the situation.
    Which series to use depending on the situation may be one of the ways the blade runner shows off his skills.

    Wasn’t Deckard motivated to do this?

    The interesting part of Deckard’s voice-over is the “Just to humor the big shot” part.
    In other words, Deckard, who thought Rachel was a human being, was unwilling to give the test with a known result. however he asked 90 questions just to humor Dr. Tyrell.
    However, the interesting ending is that after doing the test, he realized that Rachel was a replicant, which sent chills down his spine.
    It is also interesting to see the side of Deckard that is defiant to Bryant, but panders to someone with as much immense power as Dr. Tyrell.

    Interesting unused scenes

    In addition to the workprint line and voice-overs, there are many other unused scenes for this scene, as many as 24 in all.
    In Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5, most of them have been inserted into the film.

    24 unused scenes (click to enlarge)

    One of the unused scenes that was not integrated into White Dragon Cut 5 is the dog cut.

    The dog cut in the unused scene.

    In addition to owls, Tyrell also has a dog.
    Well, it’s possible that Tyrell is a very wealthy man, but I didn’t dare integrate this dog cut.
    There’s a big reason why I didn’t integrate it. I’ll write about it another time.

    The scene where the blinds of the Tyrell pyramid descend behind the silhouettes of Deckard, Rachel and Dr. Tyrell is a fantastic scene combined with Vangelis’ soundtrack score.
    In White Dragon Cut, unused shots of Deckard preparing for the V.K. test and Rachel waiting for stating the test with a look of melancholy are inserted with the dissolve effect. I think it adds a more fantastic atmosphere in the scene.

    Deckard preparing for the test.
    Rachel awaits starting test with a look of melancholy.

    Also, the Deckard’s voice over is inserted in the latter half of the V.K. test scene.
    Other interesting cuts include Rachel waiting for the results with an anxious look after the V.K. test, and Deckard looking at Dr. Tyrell with a meaningful expression after realizing that Rachael is a Replicant.

    Rachel awaits the results with an anxious look
    Deckard looks at Dr. Tyrell with a meaningful expression.

    I had to re-edit most of the soundtrack, because there were so many additional cuts in this scene.

    I would say that this scene would be one of the best re-edited scenes in White Dragon Cut 5, although it does not have the flashy additional CG cuts like the Ridleyville scene. it is one of my favorites.
    I hope you enjoy it.

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