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    Scene 7 “Purge”: First half part completed

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    Editing took more time over expected.

    I was planning to take about a month to complete editing of the scene “Purge”, but It took me six months to finally finish half of it.
    The main reason why it took so long was the replacement of the building.

    As I mentioned before, I am planning to change the Police Spinner’s takeoff point to a different location from the location in the original version.

    Changing Police Spinner takeoff point

    In the original version, Deckard and Guff pass the Police Spinner once and make a U-turn to return.
    In White Dragon Cut, the Police Spinner take-off point is changed to front of Building B, allowing Deckard and Guff to reach the Police Spinner by the shortest route.

    In order to make this change, the building behind Deckard and Guff needed to be replaced with Building B (the Bookstore Building). However, due to a layering technique that Ridley Scott had developed during the filming of “Blade Runner”, the process of replacing the building took much longer than expected.

    The layering technique developed by Ridley Scott

    One of the techniques that Ridley Scott developed to create Blade Runner is the layering technique.
    The layering technique is to divide the space to be filmed into several layers from the camera to the back, and place people and objects on each layer. By adding many layers, you can see depth in space and feel the resolution of the information.

    However, if I would replace only the building in the spinner takeoff scene with another building, these layers would get in the way of the replacement.
    I need to mask out the people and objects in each layer and replace only the buildings. This masking process took too much time.

    Highlights of the first half part

    Now, let me mention three highlights of the first half part.

    Scene 7 “Purge”: First half part

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