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    Transform the police spinner! : Final Part

    This article is final part about the plan to completely recreate the Police Spinner’s transformation from running form to flying form.

    How does the rear bumper move?

    In the last article, I mentioned the fact that the movement of the rear bumper depends on which bumper shape is used, the blue print or the full-scale prop.

    The shape of the rear bumper changes the movement of the bumper.

    If I use the bumper shape of the prop, I get type A movement, and if I use the blue print bumper shape, I get type B movement.
    And now, I adopted the A type this time. There are two reasons

    • To make it consistent with other scenes.
      Since the full-scale prop for the Police Spinner has an A-shaped bumper, it needs to be an A-shaped bumper in order to be consistent with the original scene.
    • The late NYzeki also adopted Type A.
      Mr. NYzeki, a leading Blade Runner researcher, has adopted Type A for his own Police Spinner miniature. He has studied Blade Runner in great detail, and his conclusions seem to be very credible.

    For the above two reasons, I has adopted Type A in White Dragon Cut.

    All gimmicks of transformations!

    Now, making of all the transformations of the Police Spinner have been completed.
    The following is a summary.

    The transformations of the Police Spinner (Running form -> Flying form)

    • Front wheel section
      • Wheels retract into the fenders.
      • Wheel covers move and cover the fenders.
      • Retractable lights are retracted into the wheel covers.
    • Rear wheel section
      • Wheels are stored inside the body.
    • Rear nozzle section
      • Rear bumper drops.
      • The nozzle emerges from the body.

    <3D model of the Police Spinner with all gimmicks>

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