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    Announcement of results

    Now, I will announce the results.

    Which footage of the Los Angeles 2019 scene looks more like Blade Runner, (a) after color adjustment or (b) before color adjustment?

    (A) After color adjustment
    (B) Before color adjustment

    I received answers from many of you. The result was almost unanimous: “(A) After color adjustment.

    Here are some of the comments.

    1. In the world of Blade Runner, most of humanity has moved to space colonies “off-world” due to environmental destruction. So the ground must be filled a haze of smog! So I choose (A).
    2. I think (A) is more like “Blade Runner” world, and (B) is closer to the atmosphere of “AKIRA” world.
    3. I choose (A). I thought that the attraction of the film “Blade Runner” is that it captures the viewer’s imagination with its intricate details that seem to be invisible.
    4. The mood is definitely (A), but it’s very dark. It’s more like “Blade Runner 2049” world. On the other hand, (B) is a glittering future city, which is also an element of “Blade Runner”, but it’s too bright. So I’d say it’s somewhere in between.
    5. The adjusted one has richer colour, but loses definition of the background buildings with the added black.
    6. (A) – but with the tall building lights brighter, and a slight bit of rain or more fog.

    In one of the comments, there is a comment mentioned “AKIRA”. Although these two films are very similar in terms of historical setting and world view, I was made aware of the difference in the way they are expressed.
    In addition to the above, I have received many other comments. Thank you so much.

    The mystery is that the darker the image, the more massive it looks.

    Now, based on your answers and opinions, and after comparing the two images many times myself, I have decided to go with (A).
    However, there were some people who tell that it should be a little brighter. The color scheme of image(A) is the same as that of “Blade Runner 2019”, but the brightness may be more like that of “Blade Runner 2049”.

    So I made other images with increased brightness.

    A-1 is the original. The higher the number, the brighter the image.

    If you look at the pyramid tower at the back of the center, you can tell that the brighter one shows more details.
    However, strangely enough, I think the darker one, in which the details are not visible, gives more massive. As mentioned in one of the comments I received, the fact that we can’t see the details may stimulate our imagination and correct them in our brains.

    Now, I am planning to adopt one of the above three types, but the final decision will be based on the balance between this scene and the scenes before and after it. Unfortunately, the fly-through shot of Ridleyville that follows this scene is currently being rendered in HD by CG, so the decision will be made in about a month.

    Modifying polis spinners and blimp

    This time, I made some material modifications along with color adjustments to the image.

    1. Fixing lens flare in Police Spinner
      I changed the lens flare effect of the Police Spinner to Syd Mead’s particular lens flare effect mentioned in this article.
    2. Fixing the blimp searchlight
      In the past, the searchlight was switched on in the middle of the scene, but I have changed the setting so that the searchlight is on from the beginning of the scene.
      In addition, I have added a lens flare effect when the searchlight is inserted into the camera lens.

    Los Angeles 2019, color adjusted version

    Uploaded with color adjustments of A-1 and corrections to the police spinner and the blimp.

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