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    Test-Edit for Police Spinner Take-Off Scene

    Currently, I am making 30 human 3D models walking around Ridleyville.
    First, I make 3D models by “Make Human”, the open source human body creation software.

    The open source human body creation software “Make Human”

    Next, I attach motion capture data for walking, released by Carnegie Mellon University, to each of the completed human body models. unfortunately, just applying the motion capture data to the human body model makes the walking proportions a little strange (like crawling crotch or swinging a shoulder to the left and right).
    I have spend about a week to correct parameters of motion capture data attached each bodies. (Just completed half of 30 bodies)

    Correcting the motion capture data on “Blender 2.82a”

    I am not going to lie, the more I correct motion data, the more I need to smoking. yes, I need to take a break from the job of correcting motion data. so, I have made a police spinner take-off scene for relaxation.
    In the film “Blade Runner”, you can see the police spinner taking off from the roadway side, and I am planning to add a new cut, you can see the take-off from the sidewalk, in “White Dragon Cut”.

    You can see the police spinner taking off from the roadway side in the film.

    It is just a test edit. the number of walker is so small, and also the police spinner direction is reversed. why the spinner is reversed is that I have not completed modeling of the other side of the spinner lol

    I have spend about two days to make this video, however I was able to find some results which is difference from I imagined. and above all, I have took a great break from motion data correcting! now, I am more than happy to be going to return to the corrections of remaining 15 motion data lol

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