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    Where the spinner took off.

    CG reproduction of 2019 Los Angeles illustration drawn by Syd Mead for ‘Blade Runner’.

    I am writing article about a reproduction of where Deckard and Gaff take off from Ridleyville with the spinner in the film.


    The takeoff point is No.12 in the map. Deckard and Gaff was walking through the building of No.15, and next they got in the spinner in the film.
    The fanny thing is, Deckard was eating noodle at No.4. Did they wander around the ridleyville ?

    By the way, you can see the building of No.15 in the scene where Deckard calls to Pris in his car.

    You can see the building of No.15 behind the sppiner.

    This is a Syd Mead Illustration of the building.

    The Syd Mead Illustration(The building is in front of the right)

    You can see a difference of arcade decoration between the Syd Mead Illustration and the Film. Sid Mead’s arcade decoration is looking like more futuristic.

    You can see some part of the complex shapes at the top of the arcade.
    Also, you can a whole image of this complex shapes in another illustration.

    You can see the whole image of complex shape in this illustration.

    I made a CG of two types of buildings, the Syd Meade version and the movie version.

    Two types of buildings: Mead version and movie version with different arcade decorations.

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