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    Some strange Japanese signboards in Blade Runner

    CG reproduction of 2019 Los Angeles illustration drawn by Syd Mead for ‘Blade Runner’.

    There are many strange Japanese signboards that are so famous among blade runner fans in Japan.
    You can see them above the head of Animoid Row in the film.

    You can see strange Japanese signboards above the head of Animoid Row.

    Japanese words on signboards are here.

    • カクテル (Cocktail)
    • 基礎の充実の上に (You are fulfilling on foundation.)
    • お手持ちの鳥口 (The mouth of a bird in your hands)
    • 壺 (The Pot)
    • 人造P星 (The Artificial P Star)
    • 光栄楼 (The Honored Tower)
    • おいしい料理 (Delicious dishes)

    That word “壺 (The pot)” is looking like the name of Japanese traditional restaurant.
    However I hardly understand a meaning of “基礎の充実の上に (You are fulfilling on foundation.)”.
    Especially,”人造P星 (The Artificial P Star)” has no meaning. Is “P” really wrote “P” ? or something typographical for example “巾 (Width)” or “工 (Work)” ?

    By the way, You can not see the Japanese signboards in the original Animoid Row illustrations drawn by Syd Mead.

    The original Animoid Row Illustration drawn by Syd Mead.
    The building in the middle is a kind of different in shape from the previous one, but I can tell that this one is the same building by seeing the pillar.
    You can see the same building on the left back.

    I am going to create the Animoid Row CG for WDC5 based on the film includeing strange Japanese sign boards.

    Japanese signboard images for CG texture.
    Final rendering image

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