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    Japanese class on Blade Runner

    I have completed making the CG of Animoid Raw.

    Animoid Raw(Right)and ANACOMART(Left)

    The shape of the building is based on Syd Mead’s original illustrations, and the neon signs on the wall are based on the movie set. Those neon signs are written in Japanese and Chinese.
    From right front to right back

    • おいしい料理 (Delicious Dishes in Japanese)
    • 人造卫星 (The Artificial Satellite in Chinese)
    • 光栄楼 (The Honored Tower in Japanese)
    • 壺 (The Pot in Japanse)
    • お手持ちの烏口 (Your crow mouth in Japanese) “Crow Mouth” is a popular name for a ruling pen in Japanese.
    • 基礎の充実の上に (You are fulfilling on foundation in Japanese)
    • カクテル (Cocktail in Japanese)

    You can see the upper floor of the building, that was not made in movie set, on Syd Mead’s illustrations.

    Original illustration of Sid Mead. You can see Animoid Raw on the left of illustration.

    You can see the Chinese electric bulletin board on the wall of Animoid Raw in Syd Mead’ illustration. however, It’s shame that I can not tell what is written in Chinese. I made the the CG of Chinese electric bulletin board reffering to the AD of some chinese websites of a famous IT company.

    The Chinese electric bulletin board
    The rooftop

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