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    A place Zhora was retired.

    CG reproduction of Illustrations that Syd Mead has drawn for ‘Blade Runner’.

    The ANACO MART with a distinctive show window on the second floor is a place Zhora was retired.
    Zhora runs through ANACO MART and she is retired at a snow show window.

    〈Zhora’s Escape Route〉She entered left side entrance of the ANACO MART , next ran through beside of the first show window and finally ran into the second show window (Snow Show Window).

    In the film, Zhora broke four sheets of glass. because two sheets of glass were placed in front of the second show window.
    You can confirm a image of second show window in the film.

    〈Second Show Window〉You can see three mannequins in the snow. It is snowing only in the scene Zhora was retired.

    You can only see part of the first show window image in the movie, but you can see the whole image in the making video.

    〈First Show Window〉You can see mannequins, neon signs and colorful balls

    You can also see a sign of ‘源’ (source) at the back of first show window.

    〈The sign of ‘源’ (source)〉I think it is diversion of the one from the JVC shop.

    I have created CG of ANACO MART based Zhora’s retirement scene.

    Fist Show Window
    Second Show Window


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