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I am going to editing of “ALIEN White Dragon Cut”

I am going to start editing “ALIEN White Dragon Cut”.
Last week, I announced that I was going to reedit “Blade Runner White Dragon Cut” in 4K, It’s means that I’m going to start from scratch.

Honestly, it’s pretty heavy!

So,I decided to edit “ALIEN” at the same time for a change.

Now, the biggest concept of the Alien White Dragon cut is

“Bringing back the rejected Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack in the film entirety!”

The soundtrack score of the film “ALIEN” was composed by the American composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Jerry Goldsmith

Goldsmith’s soundtrack score to “Alien,” recorded with the National Philharmonic Orchestra, was one of his best-known works, having striking melodies in the dynamic score. The album (LP), which was released before the film’s release, contained many of these dynamic Goldsmith’ score.

However! When I watched the film first, I realized that most of the scores on the LP got rejected in the film! Only in a few scores was used, and even the opening and ending scores got rejected.

Why did the Goldsmiths soundtrack score get rejected?

It is said to be largely due to the fact that director Ridley Scott had few meetings with Goldsmith during the making of the film. Ridley Scott didn’t want a dynamic score, but an inorganic, quiet score.

As a result, after Goldsmith finished composing the soundtrack score, Ridley Scott asked Goldsmith to recompose the opening score (that version was used in the film).
And the score for other scenes was from Goldsmith’s previous film “The Secret Passion (1962)” score, and the ending score was “Symphony No. 2” by contemporary classical composer Howard Hanson.

“Alien White Dragon Cut” will put the rejected Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack back where it belongs in the film.

ALIEN Complete Soundtrack CD(INTRADA)

All of the Goldsmith’s original score is in “Alien complete soundtrack CD” released in 2007 on the INTRADA label (US). The CD album contains the leaflet describes in detail where the each rejected score was originally intended to be used.

I decided to use this CD album to make “ALIEN White Dragon Cut” to be “ALIEN” as envisioned by Jerry Goldsmith.

“ALIEN White Dragon Cut” will be coming out in two versions with the following schedule.

<ALIEN White Dragon Cut Version 1>
It will be the version of the soundtrack score of “ALIEN –
Theatrical Version” replaced by the rejected score of the Jerry Goldsmith.
It’s is coming out in 2021

<ALIEN White Dragon Cut Version 2>
It will be the complete version with director’s cut scene and additional unused scenes on version 1
It’s is coming out in 2024

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