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Mystery of Nostromo landing scene

It is the “Alien White Dragon Cut” project to completely resurrect the rejected soundtrack score of Jerry Goldsmith.

I have done the check for which scene the rejected score was supposed to be used for.
Goldsmith’s original score is still dynamic and wonderful. In particular, “It’s A Droid”, the score for the scene where Ash attacks Ripley, the sound dances around to the scene. That’s Goldsmith!

It’s A Droid

Now, one thing that actually bothers me.
The length of the score “The Landing” written for the Nostromo landing scene does not match the length of the scene.

The Landing

I can see that both the theatrical version and the director’s cut use a part of score “The Landing” in this scene. however I can figure out that the length of the score is more than a minute longer than the length of the scene when I combine the unused part of the score to match the used part of the score.
I could say, the length of the landing scene at the time Goldsmith completed the score might be even longer than the theatrical version. It would be possible that the scene was edited and shortened after Goldsmith completed the score.
For example, Goldsmith composed a score named “The Eggs” for the cocoon scene, but this scene was cut in the theatrical version.

The Eggs

If the length of the landing scene was originally more than a minute long than the length of the theatrical version, I need to get the rejected footage. however it’s shame that I don’t have any rejected footage at all. so I don’t even know if they I don’t even know if they exist and where I get.
If anyone has any information, I would appreciate your suggestion.

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