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    The mystery of the spinner takeoff point

    At the beginning of the film “Blade Runner”, Gaff took Deckard from the noddle bar “White Dragon” to the Los Angeles Police Department in a police spinner. now, I’d like to examine where the spinner took off.

    First, I created a CG map of Ridleyville based on the movie set.

    The CG map of Ridleyville based on the film

    The first place Deckard is in is marked “Whtie Dragon”. and he was heading to the police spinner from here with Guff.
    Now, each building on the map, A, B and C, has a distinctive pillar, and you can tell which building it is by the pillar.

    The distinctive pillars in each building

    If you would check the footage of Deckard getting into the spinner, you could see that the spinner’s take-off point is in front of building-C.

    You can see that the spinner take-off point is in front of building-C.

    However, if you would assume that the takeoff point is in front of the building-C, you would see a very strange thing.
    Deckard and stuff are walking towards the police spinner from the back of building-C. but if you would map this out, you would see that the direction they came from was the opposite direction of the noodle bar. it means that Deckard and his stuff had passed though the police spinner once and come back.

    Deckard and his stuff pass through the police spinner once, and come back.

    Now, I need to resolve this discrepancy on “Blade Runner White Dragon Cut”. because I am planning to add a footage of the high-angle shot of Ridleyville at the beginning of this scene. so I decide to change the spinner takeoff point to the front of Building-B.

    On “White Dragon Cut”, the spinner’s take-off point turn out to be in front of Building-B.

    In order to do this change, I need to mask the background footage, including the pillars, on the film footage and replace it with CG Building-B.
    well, will it work out?


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