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Updating the page of “Ridleyville on White Dragon Cut”

I am just updating the page of “Ridleyville on White Dragon Cut”, as I have completed making of the CG of Ridleyville.

Ridleyville on Blender 2.81a
Center Building
The center building, which sits in the middle of Ridleyville, has an impressive four LCD panels in the front. There is the Snake Pit in the back right and the Chew’s Eye Factory in the back left. In the movie, the four LCD panels in the front were replaced with neon signs.
Center Building
There are two objects that glow green on the left side of the Center Building. However, the green objects were replaced with “TOSHIBA” and a Chinese sign board in the movie.
Animoid Row
The Animoid Row is in the back of the Center Building. The characters drawen on the arcade are English characters in Syd Meade’s original illustrations, however they are replaced with Japanese in the film. Also, there are variety of sign boards of Japanese and Chinese on the wall of building in the film version. In the White Dragon Cut, I have made modeling of building based on Syd Mead’s illustration, and made the sign borads based on the film.

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