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The changing of Spinner takeoff point

I have been correcting of the point where Deckard and Gaff take off with Spinner. You can read more about why I need to correct the spinner takeoff point in this article.

<The mystery of the spinner takeoff point>

The bottom line is that if Deckard and Gaff take off from the place in original movie, They will have to take a detour from the noodle bar to the spinner.

If the takeoff point as shown in the movie, They have to make a U-turn once they pass the spinner and come back to it.

I need to resolve this inconsistency in order to inserting a fly-through shot of Ridleyville to the scene of Spinner takeoff.
So I decided to change the spinner takeoff point to the front of the Building B.

The spinner takes off from the front of Building B in White Dragon Cut.

The only correction that I planned is to replace the pillars that characterize the building.

Replace Pillar C in the original footage of the spinner takeoff scene with Pillar B.

There are four cuts that need to be corrected. Now, I corrected the first cut, which has the simplest camera movement of all.
I had been thinking it would not be so difficult, however I needed to take two weeks to correct just a few seconds of cutting, because there was a lot of camera shake, smoke, passersby and other factors that made the work difficult.
Anyway, the motion tracking that detects camera movement didn’t work properly(>_<)

I managed to finish it, but I think it is not good.

I am wondering to rework it, or tell myself that it is pretty good and start correcting the next cut, or give up on all changing of takeoff point.

Well, what should I do?

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