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Replacing of the neon signs

In this article, I’m going to talk about editing a scene that I’ve been wanting to edit for a while now.

Before editing
After Editing

You can see this scene, it was rejected in the original film of “Blade Runner”, in White Dragon Cut 5.
You can see the neon sign for “TOSHIBA” on the wall. however, in Syd Mead’s original illustration, there is an oddly shaped glowing objects instead of the TOSHIBA neon sign.

Syd Mead’s original illustration of Los Angeles 2019. You can see the oddly shaped glowing objects.

You can see these objects in the overhead shot of Ridleyville in White Dragon Cut 5.

Ridleyville’s overhead scene in White Dragon Cut 5

This is a comparison video between the White Dragon Cut 5 of the noodle bar scene incorporating this scene and the Final Cut of the original film.

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