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Making of the noodle bar “White Dragon”

It is the making movie of the Noodle Bar “White Dragon”. The modeling of the noodle bar had been completed before the recording of this movie. So the movie is starting the scene where of the making of the white dragon shaped neon sign.

    1. Making of the mapping data for white dragon shaped neon sign(Photoshop・Illustrator)
    2. Making of animation of the dragon’s tongue as it moves in the mapping data(After Effects)
    3. Adding animated mapping data to 3D object of neon sign.(Blender)
    4. Manually match-moving the noodle bar modeling data and camera direction to match the live action scene.(Blender)
    5. Placing other objects, two billboards, in 3D space(Blender)
    6. Remaking the roof of the Noodle Bar(Blender)
    7. Weathering of the roof(Photoshop・Blender)
    8. Making of the smoke

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