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    Spinner flies through a bunch of pyramids Part 1

    I had an extended break from editing due to health problems. I resumed last week.
    In this article, it is the making of the scene of the spinner flying through a bunch of pyramids.

    Pyramids drawn by Syd Mead

    One of Syd Mead’s production sketches for the film “Blade Runner” depicts a group of countless pyramids towering behind a LA skyscraper.

    It’s shame that you can not see them in the film. but you can see the pyramids inspired by Mead’s sketches in White Dragon Cut.

    I did not reproduce Mead’s sketch in its entirety, but rather recreated the pyramids with interpretations that fit the mood of the film.

    Where is the pyramids located?

    Now, in the White Dragon Cut, I assumed that these pyramids existed between the urban and industrial areas of Los Angeles 2019.
    You can see the location of the major sites in Blade Runner in the map below. (For more details, see this article)

    The map mapping the location of key sites (arrow indicate movement of Deckard and Gaff)

    Spinner flies through a bunch of pyramids!

    Now, there is a scene early in the film where Deckard and Gaff fly from the LAPD to the Tyrell Pyramid in a spinner. This scene is a fantastic scene in which the spinner takes off from the LAPD and flies over the industrial area in front of the Tyrell Pyramid.

    Spinner flying over industrial area

    Looking at the map again, you will figure out that the spinner need to pass through the pyramids just before the industrial area to go to the Tyrell Pyramid from the LAPD. And I figure out to need to create that footage.

    I immediately started to create the scene in Blender.

    Overall view, with the urban area in the foreground and the pyramids in the background
    The 3D data of the urban area is the actual urban area data of Los Angeles imported from OSM.
    Base section of pyramid
    Only the pyramid in the foreground has fine details added.
    Overall view, the spinner enters the industrial area from the urban area through the pyramids.

    To be continued in the next article, don’t miss it.

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