NUYOK Billboard

    When I was editing scene 7 “Purge”, I noticed something.
    There is a billboard that says “NUYOK” on the upper part of the bookstore building. And the upper part of the building has a complicated shape with a partial setback.

    You can see the “NUYOK” billboard in the upper part of the bookstore building. Also, the wall of the upper part of the billboard is set back and has what looks like a water tower on it.

    It means that I need to re-make the CG fly-through shot of the upper level of the bookstore building for the “Noodle Bar” scene.

    I really don’t want to remake this scene again because it was so hard to create, but I can’t stop myself from doing it, can I?
    OK, I can rework it.

    The first step is to make a logo for NUYOK in Illustrator.

    NUYOK logo made in Illustrator.

    Export this in SVG format and import it into Blender. I extrude the outline of the logo, set the light bulb in it, and I have done.

    NUYOK logo made 3D in Blender

    The logo data was loaded onto the 3D model of the bookstore building that had already been created, and the 3D data was completed.
    In addition to creating the logo, I modified the top of the building from a box shape to a setback shape to fit the movie. A water tower has also been installed.

    Before modification
    After modification

    After that, I need to render the fly-through animation and composite it with the other buildings in After Effects… it’ll take a while.

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