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    Transform the police spinner! : Part 2

    This article is part 2 about the plan to completely recreate the Police Spinner’s transformation from running form to flying form.

    In previous article, I mentioned about two possible ways of storing tires in the fender.

    A is a method of storing the tire in a straight line at an angle, while B has a two-step process where the tire goes up and is then stored in the fender.

    Just as I was wondering which way to go, I received valuable information from a hard core fan. It was following Youtube video.

    This is a Youtube video of a tire retraction gimmick created by crissyhowes. This video uses the A-type retraction method.
    I don’t know if this gimmick is in accordance with the official setting ,I’m not sure if there was an official setting, but it is possible enough. It’s really well done.
    In White Dragon Cut 5,I have integrated the gimmick of retracting the tires and moving the wheel covers based on the gimmick created by crissyhowes.

    Now, I have finished making the gimmick of etracting the tires and moving the wheel covers.
    The next step is to create the gimmick for retracting the retractable lights. The making process is going on.

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