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    Scene 7 – Purge: Part B editing is complete.

    In this article, I’ll mention about scene 7, “Purge”.

    In this scene, Deckard and Gaff leave the noodle bar and board the Police Spinner to fly to the LAPD.
    In the previous movie version, You can see to get into the Police Spinner just after the scene where Deckard reluctantly agrees to Gaff’s offer at the Noodle Bar.
    In White Dragon Cut 5, You could see the CG scene of their trajectory from the Noodle Bar to the Spinner in CGI.

    The blue arrow is the trajectory that Deckard and Gaff walked on, and the red arrows are the trajectory of the camera. The camera follows the path of them in two stages.
    Incidentally, the location of the Police Spinner has been changed from the previous movie version. This is mentioned in detail in this article.

    I have completed the editing of the scene for Camera 1.

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