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    Transform the police spinner! : Part 1

    Nobody have seen the moment when the police spinner transforms.

    The Police Spinner in the film “Blade Runner” has two forms, running and flying. The wheel covers that are on top of the front wheels when running move to the side of the wheels to cover the entire wheel when flying.

    You can see the front wheel cover has moved from the top of the wheel to the side in flight.

    Unfortunately, there is no video showing the moment when the Police Spinner transforms from running form to flying form.
    Probably, the prop and the miniature were not designed to be transformed because the wheel covers were removed and replaced.

    If it was not made, make one!

    However, it is natural for Blade Runner fans to have a desire to see a transforming spinner. What’s more, I want to see it!
    So, in White Dragon Cut 5, I will recreate the transforming Spinner.

    I have a 3D model of the Police Spinner that I made before in Blender. This time, I will incorporate the transform gimmick into this 3D model.

    3D model of the spinner with a built-in gimmick of moving wheel covers.

    What I figure out when I tried it was that simply moving the wheel cover to the side would interfere with the wheel.
    The wheel needs to be stored inside the fender before moving the cover.
    The fender of the spinner is shaped like a sphere cut in half, and it can completely contain the wheel.
    However, the question is how the wheel will be stored inside the fender.
    There are two possible ways.

    While Type A retracts the tires in a straight line diagonally, Type B has a two-step method where the tires go up and are then stored in the fenders. I think B is more impressive as a gimmick, but what is the truth?

    <To be continued>

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