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    Scene 6 “The Noodle Bar” : Part4 Do Blade Runner fans dream mob characters?

    This article is the final part in a four-part series about Scene 6 “The Noodle Bar”.

    Do Blade Runner fans dream mob characters?

    One of the appealing aspects of Blade Runner is the amount of information that makes up the culture of the city, and the unique mob characters (background characters) are one of those high-resolution information.
    In the course of editing WDC and looking at each unused cut, I’ve come across many unique mob characters. Sometimes they are so fascinating that I can’t get them out of my head.

    Mob characters are typically not directly involved in the story, but in the White Dragon Cut, I want to put them on the spot.

    Now, let me introduce four mob characters that caught my attention in this scene.

    The first one is a man who finishes his meal at the noodle bar, pays and leaves. Deckard sits at this man’s table. There is an unused cut where his face is clearly visible.
    He has a slightly gentle expression on his face, which is very attractive.

    In the unused cut, you can see his kind face.

    The second person is an old man with a nice beard. He is wearing a ski cap. In an unused cut, you can him sitting to the right side of Deckard.

    An old man with a beard sitting to Deckard’s right (From an unused cut).

    In “White Dragon Cut”, a lot of smoke was added to this scene, so you can’t see him clearly, but if you look at it in its original footage, you can see his face through the show window, which is a bit eerie.

    The third and fourth people are a pair. They are the two women sitting to Deckard’s left.

    Two women sitting to Deckard’s left (From “Final Cut”)

    The oriental woman in the foreground is wearing a rough green and yellow jumper, but in contrast, she is wearing a dressy hat with a veil. This discomfort creates a unique atmosphere for her.
    The woman behind the screen has punk hair. She is wearing what looks like a tuxedo, but she is wearing it in an avant-garde way. She looks cool.

    Now, there are some unused scenes with close-up shots of the women. It’s not an unused scene, but more like a snapshot film taken in between takes. Of course, Ridley Scott did not direct this footage.

    Two women in the snapshot film

    In this cut, the angle of view fits with Deckard’s point of view when he runs into the noodle bar.
    So I decided to have them appear as Deckard’s point of view in White Dragon Cut. Unfortunately, most of the colors in this scene have been lost out, but I managed to restore the original colors.

    Well, there are many other unique mob characters in the film “Blade Runner”. I’d like to write about them again someday.

    This is the last of four articles I’ve written on the “noodle bar” scene. Next time, I will write about another scene. I hope you enjoy it.

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