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    Scene6 “The Noodle Bar” : Part 1 – Sushi Master’s Japanese Class

    “Two is plenty! Please understand!”

    This article is about the noodle bar scene. This scene shows Deckard eating at a noodle bar, and Gaff forcing him to go to the LAPD.
    Well, for Japanese fans, this is the famous scene where Deckard asks sushi master for four portions of food, and the stall master replies in Japanese, “二つで十分ですよ (Futatude Jubundesu Yo – Two is plenty)”.
    By the way, most Japanese fans have been understanding that he said…

    “二つで十分ですよ。分かってくださいよ! (Futatude Jubundesu Yo, Wakatte Kudasai Yo! – Two is plenty, Please understand!”

    But It was wrong. The correct line is…

    “二つで十分ですよ。任せてくださいよ! (Futatude Jubundesu Yo, Makasete Kudasai Yo – Two is plenty, Please leave it to me)”

    In fact, the sushi master’s Japanese lines were difficutl to understand even for me as a Japanese so far. Even in “Future Noir : The Making of Blade Runner” by Paul M. Simon, the Sushi Master’s line is written, “Please Understand!”.

    However, in the Blade Runner Final Cut 4K version, the soundtrack has been adjusted and you can clearly hear, “任せてくださいよ!(Makasete Kudasai Yo – Please leave it to me)”.

    What kind of dish did Deckard order?

    Now, you can see the dish that Deckard ordered in the “Work Print” that was edited for the preview.

    You can see the dish that Deckard ordered in the “Work Print”.

    You can see two grilled fish on the side of the rice. In Japanese fans, this dish is called “デッカ丼 (Decka-don : “Decka” is a shortened form of “Deckard”. ”Don” means “Rice Bowl” in Japanese.)”.
    In fact, the fish is described as “two large shrimp (or eels?)” in Paul M. Simon’s “The Future Noir : The Making of Blade Runner”. It does indeed look like a shrimp. However, there is an unused cut that clearly shows that these are two fish.

    Decka bowl in unused cut, clearly identifiable as a fish.

    This shows that the fish looks like a goby. Hmmm, this one is more grossy ^^;

    Now, there are many more things I want to write about this scene. I’ve decided to split the article into four parts because it’s a long story. That’s all for this time. See you next time!

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