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    Gaff’s Another Side

    I am currently re-rendering the Ridleyville CG for the HD version of “Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5”. The rendering will take about a month, but during this time I will continue to move ahead with the editing process.

    This article is about scene 8, “Old Blade Runner Magic”. In this scene, Deckard is asked by Bryant to find replicants which has escaped.

    There are some interesting cuts about Gaff in the unreleased footage of this scene.

    1. A policeman turns all the way and exchanges a few words with Gaff with a smile.
    2. Gaff greets another policeman with a wave of his cane.
    3. Gaff touches the shoulder of a female receptionist and makes eye contact with her.
    4. Gaff glares at Deckard from behind.

    In the original version, Gaff is as a man who is indifferent and cold towards his boss Bryant and the old-timer Deckard, but unreleased footage suggests that he is adored, and perhaps even admired, by his colleagues.
    I imagine that Gaff would take pride in the fact that he is different and special, and would be superior and friendly to colleagues who give him a second glance, but rebellious to those who have more power than him.

    Now, I have edited Old Blade Runner Magic” to focus on adding unreleased footage that captures another side of Gaff.

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