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Mystery of Nostromo landing scene part 2

As I wrote in my last article, “It would be possible that the Nostromo landing scene was edited and shortened after Goldsmith completed the soundtrack score.” This is a follow-up report on the matter.

It’s shame that I don’t have any “ALIEN” Blu-ray including the unused cut of the film at this time, so I wasn’t able to confirm this fact.
Now, I received some advice from Mr. Shu, a hard core fan-edit movie editor who has released “Blade Runner The Ultimate Workprint”, “ALIEN Ultimate Long Version”, “Close Encounters of The Third Kind Ultimate Longest Version,” and “Dune Ultimate Workprint”.

ALIEN Anthology Blu-ray BOX

His advice is that the bonus footage in the “Alien Anthology Blu-ray Box” will have almost all the unused cuts of the film. In fact, when I checked out Blu-ray and DVD of “ALIEN” on Amazon, I wasn’t quite sure which of them contained the unused cuts. I ended up buying the set that included both 4K and Blu-ray, however when I arrived today and took a quick look at it, I figure out that it didn’t include the unused cuts. Apparently, none of the Alien Bru-rays or DVDs currently available on newer releases contain the unused cut of the film.

That’s why I really appreciated the information from Mr.Shu this time! Thank you, Mr. Shu.

▶Mr. Shu’s fan-edit movie blog

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