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    Making movie of the Ridleyville scene

    I made the making movie of the Ridleyville overhead shot (50x). I forgot to record the screen where fog and rain was being composited. so it ends up being unfinished. Still, the running time is pretty long. Honestly, it makes me sleepy to watch it.

    The highlights of the movie are…

    1. Composing the layers of the Ridleyville CG
      The CG of Ridleyville is not made up of a single footage, but about 40 separate footages. You can see that these layers are being integrated in the first half of the making movie.
    2. Composite of splashes from “Blade Runner 2049”
      The water splashes on the roofs of buildings are not made by CG, but composited from water splashes of “Blade Runner 2049”. (You can see it on the middle stage of the making movie)
    3. Transition from CG scene to live action scene
      The transitions from the CG scenes to the live action scenes were done for each building and signage, staggering the timing, and manually aligning them if there was a discrepancy between the CG and live action scenes.(You can see it on the middle stage of the making movie)
    4. Composite of rain reflecting off a billboard or neon sign
      You can see that the rain reflecting off the billboards and neon signs was composited for each object at the end of the making movie.

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