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Final version of the Ridleyville shot

I have added rain and fog to the overhead shot of Ridleyville and made some color adjustments. this scene will be inserted before the scene in which Deckard makes his first appearance.

Originally, I should have rendered the Ridleyville CG with fog, but in this case, I have rendered the Ridleyville CG and the fog separately. the reason is that it would take a huge amount of time to render Ridleyville with the fog. It would probably take about 3 months to render.

To render the fog CG, I had calculate the diffusion and absorption of light that neon lights and signage in Ridleyville would have on the fog. by making the fog CG a separate layer, I was able to adjust the fog’s coverage when composing in After Effects.

From left to right: before applying the fog CG, rendered image of the fog, and after applying fog CG

With this edit, this is the final version of the Ridleyville shot. It took two and a half years to complete it.

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