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    The full protection gas mask against COVID-19 on Blade Runner

    You can see a bunch of strange people on the street of Los Angeles in the film “Blade Runner”. Can you tell some guys is wearing a gas mask?

    You can see a guy wearing a gas mask in the scene where Deckard chases Zhora in Ridleyville.
    A man with a gas mask also appears in the deleted cut.

    November 2019, the stage of the movie, is the same as when COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan, China. What a strange coincidence!

    Now, those strange people will show up as a CG in ridleryville on Blade Runner White Dragon Cut. and I am making the CG of the human body on the open source human body making software “Make Human”. it is able to make human 3D models with bones for animation besides costumes.

    Open source human body making software “Make Human” (where to attach the bone for animation to the body)

    Unfortunately, I can’t find gas mask 3D models in the costume library on “Make Human”. and “Make Human” has no function to make new costume 3D models. so I need to make the 3D model of gas mask with a cap on 3D modeling software “Blender”. next, load it into “Make Human” to make the 3D human body model with gas mask and cap. then, load it into “Blender” to set animation and render. Yes, it is back and forth.

    Making the 3D CG of the gas mask and the cap on “Blender 2.79b”
    The strange guy with gas mask and cap(Blender 2.79b)
    The full protection version against COVID-19



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