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    Making of blimp on Blade Runner

    I started modeling a Blimp during rendering Ridleyville.

    Blimp floating over Los Angeles in the movie “Blade Runner”

    Unfortunately, just watching at the screen of the movie does not give a good idea of ​​the shape of the blimp. and I have never gotten the blueprints, I am modeling the blimp based on some photoes on the net.

    Blimp photos on net. you can see blimp images from almost the side, rear and bottom.

    The details of blimp look like not been finished yet, however it is enough to figure out the overall shape.

    The side, rear and bottom photos are placed in 3D space on Blender 2.82a, and modeling is performed based on them.
    Modeling of the rear structure have almost finished.
    A rendered image on Blender 2.82a with Cycles Renderer.

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