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    Deckard is showing up !

    Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5 including perfect CG reproduction of Los Angeles cityscape drawn by Syd Mead is going to coming out November 2019.

    I continue to edit the noodle bar scene at the beginning of the movie. I have added people wandering around The Ridleyville including Deckard reading the newspaper in front of the JVC store (You can see him under the KOSS sign).

    The Ridleyville on CG

    The newspaper Deckard is reading is “ The Independent Sentinel ”.

    Deckard reading “The Independent Sentinel” in front of the JVC store window.

    I made “The Independent Sentinel” on CG based on a reproduced one by the late NYzeki who was a leading expert in Blade Runner reserach.

    “The Independent Sentinel” reproduced by Mr. NYzeki

    Click here for Mr. NYzeki’s “LA2019 Newspaper Project!” 【ALL THAT BLADE RUNNER by NYzeki】

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