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    The Pre-Editing of “The Noodle Bar”

    Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5 including perfect CG reproduction of Los Angeles cityscape drawn by Syd Mead is going to coming out November 2019.

    I have always wanted to reploduct the Los Angeles city scape drawn by Syd Mead with Blade Runner White Dragon Cut, Ever since I started editing The White Dragon Cut 5. I have almost conpleted making CGs of Los Angeles, and I made pre-edit to test if the CG scene would lead to the previous scene on the film smoothly.

    Seeing is believing. First look at how it looks like.

    I have used the spinner to switch from CG video to live-action video. It seemed like a good idea when I edited it with my head, but when I actually edited it, it is not good and not like the blade runner film. I have to reconsider this test edit version.

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