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    Making a CG of Armadillo Van

    Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5 including perfect CG reproduction of Los Angeles cityscape drawn by Syd Mead is going to coming out November 2019.

    The armadillo van is a one-box car on the film “Blade Runner”, the Sebastian’s one and the ambulance one was appeared on the film. and they have been made to Syd Mead’s original design.

    (Left) Original design of Armadillo Van drawn by Syd Mead   (Right) Sebastian’s Armadillo Van in the film

    I have made the CG of Armadillo Van based on Syd Mead’s original design for Ridleyvill scene on “Blade Runner White Dragon Cut 5”

    The CG reploduction of Syd Mead’s original Almadillo Van, it looks like a really Armadillo from behind.

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