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    I am making CG of Deckard Sedan.

    CG reproduction of 2019 Los Angeles illustration drawn by Syd Mead for ‘Blade Runner’.

    I have made CG of Ridleyville. next, I am going to make CG of some vehicles running through Blade Runner’s Los Angeles, first from the Deckard sedan.

    When I was watching the movie “Blade Runner”, I was like “The spinners is cool, but the Deckard Sedan is not good.”.
    However, I reviewed the some Deckard Sedan’s sketches drawn by Syd Mead last night, and I realised that it is totally cool.

    Deckard Sedan Drawn by Syd Mead

    OK, let’s start making CG of Deckard Sedan.

    The shape of the bumper is based on not the movie’s but the illustration of Syd Mead.

    I have made a few parts of Deckard Sedan by taking an hour.
    I am not going to lie, I am not good at modeling a vehicle (; ^ _ ^ A

    To be continued,

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